Repatriation of the deceased to another country from the UK is fairly easy now as there are many more specialist repatriation companies that can perform this duty than 10 years ago.

The difference in the total priced charged for the repatriation can be staggering so please make sure you get a couple of quotations.

Insist on a fixed freight charge and make sure all the Funeral

Directors repatriation charges are known. More and more companies are offering an all inclusive repatriation charge which should be mush easier to understand.


– If the repatriation is to Italy, bear in mind that the whole process can take up to four weeks.

– Simpler arrangements for Jamaica and the West Indies should take no more than a week.

– And Poland around the same a week or so.

– The funeral director will obtain permission to remove the deceased from the UK from the local Coroner.

The information required from you to let the repatriation of the deceased to proceed includes: –

Two copies of the death certificate – obtained when you register the death.

Details of the consignee – the funeral director of person responsible for the collection at the destination airport.

Full payment – usually this is required prior to the Repatriation.

Full embalming is obligatory as is the use of a zinc lined coffin or metal casket.

– Family history of suicide or violence
– Sexual or physical abuse
– Death of a close friend or family member
– Divorce or separation, ending relationship
– Failing academic performance, impending exams, exam results
– Job loss, problems at work

Who can register a death?

A ‘qualifies informant’ must register the death – usually this is a relative of the deceased, but other people who can register include:

– Someone present at the death.
– The owner manager of the residential home where the death occurred, if relevant
– The person responsible for organising the funeral.

What information is required?

To register a death you must provide the following information about the deceased:

– Place and date of death.
– Full name, including maiden name if relevant.
– Date and place of birth.
– Occupation
– Address.
– For women, the full details of their husbands/late husband if married or a widow.
– The spouse’s date of birth if married.
– Whether they were receiving a pension or allowance from public funds.

If you have received a cause of death certificate from a doctor, this should be given to the registrar when you register the death.

What happens next?

After registering the death you will be issued with:

– A green certificate for burial or cremation – the funeral director will need this before the funeral can take place.
– A white certificate of registration of death (BD8) to pass to the department of social security. Further instructions are on the certificate.
– Certified copies of the death certificate – usually needed for insurance or probate services. A fee of around £3.50 is charged for each certificate.

When a medical certificate cannot be issued.

Sometimes it is not possible for a medical certificate of the cause of death to be issued, for example if the death was sudden or a doctor is unavailable. When this happens, the death has to be reported to the coroner.

When the coroner is involved.

The coroner is responsible for investigating sudden or suspicious deaths, and establishing the cause of such deaths.

Registering a death in a different district.

Occasionally it can be inconvenient for the person registering the death to go to the registrar’s office in the district where the person died. In these cases they can visit a registrar in another district. The registrar will the complete a form of declaration which is sent back to the appropriate registrar.

This declaration is used to complete the death register. The registrar in the district where the death occurred will post the certificate of death back to the appropriate person. This can be ordered and paid for when making the declaration. This also applies to the document that is issued to allow the funeral to proceed.

The declaration procedure can delay funerals by a day or two.

Stillborn babies.

All stillborn babies born after the 24th week of pregnancy must be registered.

Coroners Offices

Coroners Office & Court
Essex House
Manor Street
Tel: 01482 613009

Coroners Office
Greater Manchester West
Ground Floor
Paderborn House
Howellcroft North
Tel: 01204 338799

Coroners office
Luton Register Office
6 George Street West
Tel: 01582 722603

Coroners Office
27 Portland Square
Tel: 01228 549462

Funeral Directors for individual areas and services provided

344 Holderness Road
01482 329131

H. Kemp & Son Ltd;
259 Hallgate
HU16 4BG
01482 844695

M. Garton & Son
26 Chamberlain Road
01482 781927

Citizens Advice Bureau :
01482 224608

Steve Mears Memorial Centre
235 Chester Road
0800 083 830

Lilleywhite Funeral Services
Kenyon House
Bury Old Road
M25 1JA
Covers the whole of Wigan and surrounding areas.
0161 773 2882

UK Funerals
For advice and bookings to and from any country in the world
0800 731 4972

Frank J Lynch Funeral Services
323 Dumbarton Road
G11 6AL
0141 336 2300

Cruse Cumbria area for bereavement and repatriation services
07071 780761

Steven Mears memorial Centre
Several branches in and around London
Contacts: Steven Mears or Steve Ryan
0800 731 4972

Rowland Brothers International
020 8684 2324

Funeral Services

Full repatriation services to our clients appointed Funeral Directors in country of repatriation.
Advice on repatriation documents and coffin requirements for:

A. UK authorities
B. All Embassies & Consulates
C. All major airlines

Document delivery services for Coroners ‘out of England’
Freight booking services, airway bill production all at fixed prices
Collection and delivery service throughout the UK 24 hrs per day, 7 day weeks (check individual funeral directors for this service)
A range of coffins conforming to international shipping regulations that conform to international standards
Obtaining relevant permit to travel, (of deceased) form destination
Full embalming for all cases going to tropical climates and use of chapel of rest if required.
Translation services for official documents, i.e. Death certificates, invoices and reports
A range of coffins (zinc lined, air-trays, Italian and French coffins)
Urns suitable for international transit including lining of traditional wooden urns
Translation services are usually extra

Please make sure you get quotes for all requirement so you have a genuine cost of full and all funeral arrangements . Also ask if there any extra charges “to be listed separately” get as many quotes or at least 2 to 3 before you make your decision who to go with.

National Numbers


Tel: 116 123

Confidential help/counselling over the telephone


Tel: 084477 9400/0161 236 81034

Young Person Helpline

free phone 0808-808-1677

Confidential help and support for the bereaved


Free phone 0808 800 1234

Information, practical advice and emotional support


Have a social work team who will offer support and advice


Free phone 0800-435-455

6pm –10pm daily


0845 123 2304

10AM – 6PM & 7PM – 10PM

Regional Numbers


Council – 01482 300300

Coroners – 01482 613009

Cruse –


Council – 01582 546000

Coroners – 0300 300 6557/6558

Cruse –


Council – 01942 244991

Coroners – 9942 705000

Cruse –