Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit

Are means-tested benefits which are administered by the Local Authority for claimant’s who have low income to help them meet their rent liability or council tax liability for the place where they live.

Housing benefit is available to claimant’s whether or not they are working full time and can be claimed in addition to any other benefit.


A claimant must

  • Be habitually resident in the UK
  • With his/her partner jointly have less than £16,000 in savings, investments or capital.
  • Be occupying the property that he is claiming benefit for .


A standard Housing Benefit claim form can be obtained from your local benefits office, where the claimant lives.

Claimant’s will have to provide evidence of their and their partners NI number, identity e.g. birth certificate, passport etc and proof of residence e.g. recent utility bill etc along with any evidence of income you or your partner may have.

The rules to claiming Council Tax benefit are the same as Housing Benefit.