Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance is a non-means tested, non-taxable, non-contributory benefit and provides a weekly fixed sum for the purpose of assisting a claimant to accommodate his/her disabled needs. There are no requirements for the assessment of any claimant’s income, capital or National Insurance Contributions. Furthermore, this benefit can be paid to a claimant regardless of whether they are working or not.

The benefit is only available to claimants under the age of 65 at the date of making the initial application, although awards of this benefit can continue to be paid to claimant’s who are 65 or over. For benefits for claimants over the age of 65 then an Attendance Allowance claim form is appropriate.

There are 2 components of Disability Living Allowance Care Component and Mobility Component.


This is to help a claimant’s needs in his/her home in tending to his/her personal care requirements or in ensuring that he/she is supervised to prevent danger to him/herself or others.  However, any requirements for help or supervision must be in consequence of the claimant suffering from a physical or mental disablement.  Claimant’s must also have needed the help or supervision for at least 3 months and be likely to continue needing that help or supervision for a further 6 months.

There are 3 different rates to Disability Living Allowance and how it is paid.

  • Higher Rate
  • Middle Rate
  • Lower Rate


The claimant must reside in the UK and aged 65 or under and living in a private dwelling or in a self-funded private residential or nursing home care.

Disability Care Component will be payable to a claimant aged 65 or under at date of claim who is severely disabled either physically or mentally, this also applies to children, a special DLA Child Benefit claim form is required for this.


This is a weekly benefit payable to claimants aged between five and 65 who, because of disability cannot walk or can hardly walk, who is deaf and blind and requires guidance whilst walking.

It is paid at 2 different rates

  • Higher Rate
  • Lower Rate

The claimant must be resident of UK and aged between 5 and 65.

Other linked benefits, if you are on the higher rate of mobility component you will be able to claim car tax exemption, disabled person’s parking badge entitlement and can be traded for a mobility car if the period of award is three years or more.


Claim forms can be obtained from any Local Benefits Agency or Disability Living Allowance help line Tel 0345 712 3456

National Numbers

Jobcentre Plus

Telephone: 0845 6060 234
Textphone: 0845 6055 255